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Located in historic cities

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Our hotels are in the best locations. Our staff is committed to ensuring you get the Iberostar feeling. We strive for excellent service and exquisite cuisine with attention to the last detail.

We offer relaxation on the best beaches and in top tourist destinations and cities that radiate history and culture.



What has always defined us

We base our value proposition on four pillars: 

The careful selection of the best LOCATIONS, a tireless quest to provide outstanding SERVICE, an exquisite CULINARY OFFER and an unwavering commitment to SUSTAINABILITY.


According to TripAdvisor, 91% of travellers express a high degree of satisfaction with the location of our hotels. Because we have 100 hotels that give people the best that each area has to offer: in Iberostar, visitors enjoy staying right on the seafront the city lives in their hearts and the history is palpable in its architecture.


Our customers highlight the gastronomy of hotels as a central element of their experience – from the buffet arrangements to the offerings on the menu: that's why the ReviewPro portal includes Iberostar in the Top 3 in the hotel market for gastronomic excellence


We strive every day to improve ourselves in our work. We give of our best to get ahead on your wishes and to work with excellence. We strive to find out what makes a difference and we attend to every detail with loving care. We know how to do our work and we do it well: almost half of our customers are repeat customers. This is the best reward for our commitment to quality.


Sustainability is key to our business philosophy, based on the responsible management of the impact our activities have, focusing on individuals as well as the environment. This commitment to individuals recognises them as the heart and soul of our business. Our commitment to the environment highlights the conservation of marine habitats in particular, as more than 80% of our hotels can be found by the sea. We want to contribute to the conservation of our seas and oceans by encouraging a change in mindset through the “Wave of Change” movement.

People at the heart of everything: At Iberostar, we believe in holidays that leave their mark. We work passionately to create unique places. We take care of the details that really matter and always exceed expectations, providing our guests with top-quality holiday experiences. People make this possible – the people who trust us with their holidays and the people who hard work every day to create unforgettable moments