Mission, vision, values

What drives our company

Our values are grouped together into three main areas:

Values that express the way we ARE: honesty, responsibility and prudence. 

Honesty: the foundation for the solid reputation we have built up. Responsibility: to act with integrity, a sense of commitment and in an ethical way. Prudence: as a synonym for wisdom, good judgement and reflection in decision-making processes.


Values that express how we INTERACT: integrity, empathy, unity

Integrity: wherever we go, we are committed to sustainability. Empathy: encouraging an atmosphere of trust, respect and collaboration, supported by a strong and ever-growing culture of teamwork. Unity: giving our identity coherence and soundness.


Values that express how we WORK: hard work, creativity and ambition.

Hard work: with high-quality service as our goal. Creativity: expressed by the capacity to be innovative and search for original solutions in an ever-changing digital world. Ambition: demonstrated by our global presence and desire for further expansion.