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Growth Strategy

Iberostar Group is developing three strategic lines to offer to its customers: hotels located on the sea front; hotels in the most popular tourist cities of the Americas and Europe; and hotels with unique architecture in places of special historic and cultural significance.

Ocean resorts

Our strategy for holiday hotels and resorts is focused on incorporating new beach destinations and on increasing the number of hotels in our traditional destinations: The Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, etc.), Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Albania, Cape Verde, etc. Our hotels, of course, are always on the sea front. Because we know that for our guests, a view of the beach is not the same as being in a hotel right on the beach.

City hotels

We want to increase our presence in the most popular tourist cities of Europe, Latin America and the United States. All our hotels will be in the best locations and close to the main tourist sights. We plan to open 25 hotels in major cities in Europe and the Americas: Rome, Venice, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, etc. We will open our doors in the heart of these cities, so you can enjoy and discover the authentic identity of each one.

Hotels with heritage

During the next few years, we will also increase the number of hotels with heritage. We have created a new brand for these hotels, Iberostar Heritage. The hotels are housed in buildings that feature unique architecture, in cities with an interesting culture and history. They allow visitors to learn more about the past of these iconic places in a variety of countries including Cuba, Montenegro and Spain. All the cities have are full of fascinating places and interesting heritage that is well worth discovering and enjoying.

Our ambition: quality and excellence

Quality is our raison d'être. To maintain our position, we need to think globally, long-term and with sustainability and responsibility as our priority.

International vocation

Long term vision

Rigorous and sustainable management

Iberostar added value

Iberostar Group adds value for its investors and partners. These are the keys to our proposition:

Innovative products

Our goal is to offer our clients avant-garde experiences. We train our staff and carry out market research constantly.

Image and reputation. We take care of what’s important.

We have a centralised corporate marketing team, the seal of quality of a prestigious brand and an excellent online reputation due to our in-house teams, our commitment to applying sustainable business principles and our close collaboration with the hotel owners.

More employment. More income

We work to maximise revenue and employment. We innovate constantly to get to know customers better and to improve the reservation systems. To do this, we have regional offices around the world and solid alliances with the main distribution companies.

We improve so as to reduce costs.

We offer competitive pricing and bonuses thanks to centralised negotiation at the corporate level. We have a great management team and a tightly controlled consumption of energy.

We are constantly looking for stable partners with a solid financial, company and institutional base to grow our hotel portfolio. Owners, investment funders, private equity, developers or state sector parties who are interested in being part of our large family, can contact our Business Development Director.

Business Development Director:

Fabiana Salvi

C/ General Riera, 154
07010- Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Tel +34. 971 077 000,
Fax +34. 971 077 789