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Focused on innovation

Innovating is part of our DNA. We innovate in products and services. We innovate in the guest experience, process management and sustainability. We innovate collaborating with companies from other sectors.

Innovating is part of our DNA

We innovate in health security

Together with our Medical Advisory Board, which includes biologists and doctors specialised in public health in tourist environments, we have developed our How We Careprogramme, more than 300 health safety measures in line with our circularity policies. These measures fall under four principles: safe environment, hygiene standards, social space and innovative experience.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

Product innovation

We create concepts with our guests in mind: Star Camp, the children’s entertainment programme where children learn values while having fun; Aliveness, the personal wellness philosophy to connect with yourself and nature; Honest Food, a lifestyle based on respect and the freedom to choose a healthy diet.

Sustainability innovation

The transition towards a responsible tourism model is becoming much easier thanks to the latest technology:

Iberostar Group

Waste management

We are part of the Finhava project, which is a public-private partnership with the Mallorcan waste treatment company, Tirme. In our hotels, we separate organic waste and take advantage of new technologies such as sensors in the final containers, allowing us to quantify this organic waste generated in the hotel. This waste is collected by the municipal company to be taken to a composting plant, and the resulting compost is used on the land of one of our produce suppliers.

Food management

We apply innovation to make smart decisions to reduce food loss and waste. In line with SDG 12 (ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns), our hotels are working to reduce food waste in their restaurants and dining rooms by planning meals based on occupancy forecasts and a review of historical consumption data.

We work with the latest technology, such as the “Winnow” project, where artificial intelligence helps us to monitor food that is not consumed by recording its weight and categorisation.

Energy efficiency

We invest in energy efficiency, using the best technology available on the market. In 2020, even during the pandemic months, we replaced more than 0.5 million euros’ worth of hotel air conditioning units in Spain.

Green hydrogen

Iberostar joins the Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca project, which will supply green hydrogen to all of the chain’s hotels on the island, becoming the first green hydrogen supply in the tourism sector in Spain. It is a new 100% clean energy vector, a fundamental energy solution in the fight against climate change that is the result of research, business investment in innovation and government support.

Waste optimisation and reduction

In line with our commitment to sustainability and the search for improvements to offer the highest quality, we have implemented an innovative waste identification system in the hotel kitchens in order to reduce waste, optimise resources and pass this optimisation on to our customers through a greater, more sophisticated gastronomic offer with top quality ingredients.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

Automation of installations

At Iberostar Group we are continuously seeking to be sustainable and environmentally responsible. We are particularly sensitive to water efficiency, which is why we have automated our facilities to make the best use of energy.

Technology innovation

At the Iberostar Group we promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Technology is a very important enabler in achieving our goals and improving the guest experience. We digitise processes to operate in a much more efficient and guest experience-oriented way.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

Digital hotel

In 2021, we launched the tourism sector’s first open innovation project. The project, which has been developed together with 23 leading national and international companies, activates internal and external resources of the company through an innovation methodology integrated into the reality of the hotels and their guests. The aim of the project is to help the gradual transformation of hotels, by improving the customer experience, driving sustainability and achieving greater business efficiency.

So that you can experience new concepts first hand

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Online experience

My Room Online is a revolutionary service that allows our guests to check in online and choose their exact room before arriving at the hotel. This new solution, a pioneer in the hotel sector, allows guests to personalise their room and book it from the 3D hotel map. With this new tool, guests can explore the resort, its surroundings and the location of the various hotel facilities in a simple and intuitive way, and also choose the exact location of their room according to their preferences.


Digital Hotel

Iberostar Group