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The journey is as important to us as the destination

We focus on providing our customers with the best travel experience. We rely on World2Meet, the travel division of the Iberostar Group. We have created a vertically structured tourism group (VITO) with a focus on the new global context in which we live. We take charge and anticipate the future demands of the market and the needs of our customers, with the ambition to achieve leadership in quality and value.

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A new era of "à la carte" is born

Iberostar Group

A new era of "à la carte" is born, where the customer and excellence are more relevant than ever

W2M currently has the following brands:

  • World2Fly: airline
  • Newblue: general operator
  • Icárion: Major Tour Operator
  • E-North Safaris: tour operator in Lapland and Finland
  • Úbico: corporate mobility company
  • The Sphere: boutique service
  • Dakari: creative experience agency
  • W2M: bed bank and receptive tour operator
  • Azul Marino Viajes: agency network
  • Club Marco Polo: active, adventure and experiential tour operator

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