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The key to rebuilding a better industry

We are convinced that the tourism industry is a driving force in building a profitable and responsible tourism model that respects the oceans and mitigates climate change.

We are therefore committed to integrating environmental protection, social and economic well-being, and cultural heritage in our areas of influence into our business strategy.

Demonstrating our commitment to people and the environment

Iberostar Group

Combatting climate change and preserving biodiversity

This decade is the time for action to address climate change, biodiversity loss and equitable value chains. This approach to business involves taking on the major global challenges of sustainable development and climate change. In this sense, our commitment to being a leader in responsible tourism is aligned with each and every one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, maximising efforts to achieve them and exploring all lines of action.

Wave of change, our commitment to the oceans

Since 2017, we have launched a series of actions promoting the improvement of the oceans, which materialised with the launch of the Wave of Change, movement, which is now an essential pillar of the Group’s management policy.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

Pacts and Alliances

At the Iberostar Group we serve as responsible tourism advisors to the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and to the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy.

The company has established alliances with international organisations such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Marine Stewardship Council, United Nations Global Compact, Business Ambition for 1.5ºC and EarthCheck, along with local entities such as Tirme and the Impulsa Foundation (Mallorca), Seascape Caribbean (Jamaica), CINVESTAV-MERIDA (Mexico) and Fundemar (Dominican Republic), among others. In addition, we have established partnerships with academic organisations such as the University of the Balearic Islands.

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report by Iberostar Group sums up the way in which the company addresses sustainability challenges from three areas of action: environmental, social and economic. Iberostar Group, with more than 60 years of history, explains its commitment and plan of action regarding the care of people and the environment with this document; through the Wave of Change movement, without the activity of the company cannot be conceived.

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Crime Prevention Plan

The Iberostar Group has a Crime Prevention Plan (CPP) made up of a set of rules, principles and values that must govern the actions of all those who make up the company. Among the variety of actions and initiatives that comprise it, the publication of the Iberostar Group’s Code of Ethics — a benchmark for internal management and relations with our stakeholders — stands out.

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At the Iberostar Group, we involve our guests, employees, partners, suppliers, administrations, public entities and social agents in our policies, as we consider them essential to promoting responsible awareness on a global scale.

Privacy Portal

Compliance with data protection regulations is fundamental for the Iberostar Group. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency govern the processing of personal data in the course of our business. Among the set of measures adopted by the Iberostar Group to guarantee the transparency of our actions and respect for the rights recognised by current legislation, it is worth noting the appointment of a Data Protection Delegate and the publication of our privacy policies

Privacy Portal
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