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Expansion strategy

The Iberostar Group has extensive experience in the holiday segment: hotels and resorts located right on the beach, hotels in the main tourist capitals of North and South America as well as Europe, and hotels with unique architecture located in places of deep historical and cultural significance.

We keep on sailing to discover new horizons

Beach hotels

Iberostar Group

Our resort and holiday hotel strategy is focused on adding new beach destinations and expanding our presence in our traditional destinations. Always right on the beach, because we know that for our guests, seeing the beach from the hotel is not the same as being on the beach.

City hotels

Iberostar Group

We are present in the main tourist cities in Europe, Latin America and the USA. Always in the best locations and close to the main tourist attractions. From the heart of these cities we open their doors so you can enjoy them and discover their authentic identity.

Hotels with history

Iberostar Group

We have hotels with history for which we have created the Iberostar Heritage brand. These establishments are in buildings with distinctive architecture and in cities of cultural and historical interest. They provide an insight into the past of emblematic locations. All of them are full of treasures and with a heritage worth discovering and enjoying.

Present in 35 countries:


years of history


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Our ambition: quality and excellence

Quality is our raison d'être. Maintaining who we are means thinking globally, long-term, sustainably and responsibly

Iberostar Group

International vocation

Iberostar Group

Long-term vision

Iberostar Group

Rigorous and sustainable management

Iberostar’s added value:

Innovative products

Our aim is to offer our guests cutting-edge experiences, and to this end we train our staff and conduct market research on an ongoing basis.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

Image and reputation.
Taking care of what matters

We have a centralised corporate marketing team, the quality assurance of a prestigious brand and a great online reputation thanks to in-house teams, sustainability implementation and close collaboration with the owners.

More occupancy.
More revenue

We work to maximise revenue and occupancy, continuously innovating to better understand our guests and improve booking systems. To this end, we have regional offices around the world and strong partnerships with leading distribution companies.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

We improve to improve costs

We have price benefits and volume discounts thanks to centralised negotiation at corporate level. We have a great management team and very controlled energy consumption.

Be part of our family:

To grow our hotel portfolio, we are always looking for established partners with a solid financial, social and institutional base. Owners, investment funds, private equity, developers or the state sector who are interested in becoming part of our large family, please contact our expansion director.

Iberostar Group

Expansion Director:
Fabiana Salvi
C/ General Riera, 154
07010- Palma de Mallorca (España)
Tel. +34. 971 077 000
Fax +34. 971 077 789



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