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Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is the hotel division of the Iberostar Group. We are present in top locations with a portfolio of over 100 4 and 5-star hotels in 16 countries on four continents (Europe, Africa, and North and South America). We offer rest and relaxation at the best beaches, the main tourist capitals and those that breathe history and culture.


Iberostar Group

We promote a more responsible tourism business model focused on caring for people and the environment. The Wave of Change movement reflects the company’s specific commitment to the environment and the oceans, and the effort to share it with society as a whole.

Iberostar Group

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Under our unique brand, Iberostar, we differentiate our portfolio of hotels into three segments:

Beach hotels

Hotels and holiday resorts located right on the sea so that our guests can focus on relaxing.

City hotels

Always located in the heart of the main tourist capitals of North and South America as well as Europe, and close to main tourist attractions. Our urban hotels invite you to experience the surroundings and immerse yourself in their rhythm, their people and their hidden corners.

Hotels with history

Located in buildings with distinctive architecture and in cities of cultural and historical interest, our hotels full of history invite you to immerse yourself in the tradition of unique places, allowing you to leisurely enjoy their culture, their art and their past.

Our higher categories:

Excellence has a name: Iberostar Grand

The maximum expression of luxury and excellence present in our beach, city and historic hotels. We create environments to be enjoyed with all five senses: hotels of great beauty where architecture is combined with exceptional cuisine. Luxury is manifested through personalisation, with a butler service available for our guests.

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Iberostar Selection

Selection is the superior category present in our beach and city hotels. They are differentiated above all by excellence in service. Thanks to their interior design and the small details, our guests can enjoy an exceptional stay.

Iberostar Group

That is what has always defined us


Thanks to the efforts of many, we have become a leader in responsible tourism based on quality. In unique places, and with honest and excellent cuisine, we offer a service with its own personality, to cater to our guests’ rest and relaxation.

Iberostar Group


Where magic is born

There are places that everyone should visit at some point in their lives: the best beaches, the heart of tourist cities, and destinations full of history that invite you to experience their past. These are places where you’ll want to stay forever. From the Caribbean to North Africa, or the Mediterranean. According to guest reviews on TripAdvisor, 88% of travellers are very satisfied with the location of our hotels. Because we have over 100 in the best locations in the world.


An excellent and honest experience

At Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, we understand cuisine as a commitment to tradition and new concepts based on: fresh, natural, and local ingredients, which we prepare with the care and respect they deserve. The chefs and staff of our restaurants never stop innovating, offering varied, healthy and imaginative options that range from international to local cuisine.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group


We strive for excellence in our work

With attention to detail, we anticipate and try to exceed our guests’ expectations. We want to do things better every day, as we are passionate about what we do. Like our guests, we dream about their holidays, and nothing is more rewarding than when they recognise our efforts. Iberostar’s quality is endorsed by our guests; 92% say they are satisfied or very satisfied during their stay in our hotels.


We have our own personality

A way of working that customers can sense through the people who make up the Iberostar Family and through the hotels—created for their relaxation.

Those of us at Iberostar want you to know that we are creative and passionate people, committed to making your holiday unique, because your rest and relaxation is our job and we take it very seriously. In addition, each Iberostar hotel is different and we want you to savour both the Mediterranean essence of our company, as well as the destination you find yourself in; because each place has its own essence and you deserve to discover it.

Iberostar Group
Iberostar Group

Responsible Tourism

The key to rebuilding a better industry

With sustainability as a business driver and lever, at Iberostar Group we place the circular economy at the heart of our strategy, and we are working on our own 2030 Agenda to generate zero waste by 2025, be carbon neutral by 2030, be 100% responsible in our seafood supply chain by 2025, and improve the health of the ecosystems surrounding our hotels.

We are convinced that the tourism industry is a driving force in building a profitable and responsible tourism model that respects the oceans and mitigates climate change. We are therefore committed to integrating environmental protection, social and economic well-being, and cultural heritage in our areas of influence into our business strategy. Always with a scientific, ethical and good corporate governance basis.


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