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Social action, education and coastal protection

The Iberostar Foundation is a non-profit institution, created in 2004, whose main objectives are social action, education and coastal protection. Since its inception, it has implemented numerous actions and projects in line with the Group’s values. To date, the Foundation has developed 240 projects that have benefited more than 368,953 people and represent an investment of approximately 5 million euros.

The Iberostar Foundation has become a tool that reinforces our work on the company’s commitments to the environment and the care of people, on the path towards a model of responsible tourism. For this reason, the Iberostar Foundation offers its knowledge and resources to mitigate the effects of climate change and increase resilience in the most vulnerable communities.


three lines of action

In this sense, the Foundation’s action is structured in three lines of action: Research, Education and Communities.


Iberostar Group

We focus on supporting our own and others’ research and innovation initiatives in the ecosystems near our destinations that favour their conservation, protection and restoration, with the aim of contributing to coastal resilience.


Iberostar Group

The aim is to promote and raise awareness mainly among children and adolescents (but open to everyone), through education regarding the importance of caring for and protecting the natural spaces that surround us in order to build a sustainable future.


Iberostar Group

Participatory actions and projects focused on the search for empowerment and dignity for local communities, which are planned and sustainable while integrating the protection, recovery and strengthening of natural resources and their environment.


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