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Our hotels are located in many destinations that are rich in culture and tradition. Iberostar Group has an understanding of the sociocultural identities of the communities in which we work and we are committed to their preservation.

Commitment to social development

Our presence helps to generate shared value and social development in our destinations. From this perspective, Iberostar Group adopts, with pride and responsibility, a catalytic role in the socio-economic development of the countries in which we work. We enrich the business fabric and link our business success to social progress.


Young Apprentice Programme, State of Bahía, Brazil.

This programme, supported by the Ley del Aprendizaje [Law of Learning] (10.097/2000), promotes professional inclusion and education for young people in the State of Bahía, Brazil. Specifically, the Iberostar Group appointed 76 young students aged between 14 and 24, who study and work in our hotel complex located in Praia do Forte.

Chance Proyect, Bávaro, Dominican Republic

This is a training initiative for young Dominicans at risk of exclusion, to enhance their future job prospects. We implement the project in conjunction with four other Spanish hotel chains. We offer basic training, theoretical hotel training and work experience in our hotels. Two hundred and nineteen young people attended the first three courses of the programme.