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Commitment to all of the activity areas of the Iberostar Group

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Our companies have the chance to bring our corporate responsibility goals into line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. This is a way to demonstrate our commitment to the people and surroundings to which we owe our existence. For our aim is to promote change amongst the stakeholders to achieve a more responsible tourist sector.

Sustainability Report

The 2019 Sustainability Report by Iberostar Group sums up the way in which the company addresses sustainability challenges from three areas of action: environmental, social and economic. Iberostar Group, with more than 60 years of history, explains its commitment and plan of action regarding the care of people and the environment with this document; through the Wave of Change movement, without which the activity of the company cannot be conceived.

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Sustainability policy

At the Iberostar Group, sustainable development is a driving force in our business. We are committed to making our hotels’ growth compatible with environmental protection and cultural heritage, along with promoting the social and economic well-being of our zones of influence. All sustainability strategies are based on solid ethics and good corporate governance.

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Environmental policy

Iberostar Group recognizes that the environment is an element that should condition and limit human activity, but at the same time it is also a competitiveness factor in the business in which we operate, and a fundamental part of a hotel's value is marked by the natural environments in which they are located. Implementing measures for their protection not only favours its natural habitat, but also improves customer relations and benefits the socio-economic sustainability of each destination.

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Pacts and Alliances

In our commitment to society and the environment, in the Iberostar Group we adhere to different pacts to achieve an ethical and responsible management, such as the United Nations Global Compact, the WTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, UNICEF’s ECPAT Code of Conduct, and the Iberostar Pact for sustainable progress, aimed at all of our suppliers.

Crime prevention plan

Iberostar Group has a Crime Prevention Plan (CPP), which consists of a range of rules, principles and values that govern the actions of the people who work for the company. The Plan’s actions and initiatives include the publication of the Grupo Iberostar’s Code of Ethics, a reference for internal management and our relationships with stakeholders.

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At Iberostar Group, we are constantly evolving and developing new forms of communication with our main stakeholders. We make our customers, employees, partners, suppliers, administrations, public entities and social agents participants in our policies, because we believe they are key in promoting responsible awareness.

Privacy portal

Compliance with data protection legislation is of the utmost importance to Grupo Iberostar. Our handling of personal data in the course of our activity is characterised by lawfulness, loyalty and transparency. Among the range of measures employed by Grupo Iberostar to guarantee the transparency of our activity and to respect the rights recognised by the existing legislation, particularly worthy of mention are the appointment of a Data Protection Delegation and the publication of our privacy policies.

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