Our proposal

Staff committed to ensuring you get the Iberostar feeling

Our proposal

Staff committed to ensuring you get the Iberostar feeling

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In Iberostar Group we are aware that a company is a group of people who share the same mission, vision and values. For this reason, we work every day to attract and retain talent, promoting people who are part of our big family. We analyse the organisation, decide on our people management strategies and implement global policies.

The Human Resources department performs a key task in this work, and in the constant improvement of our work environment. We work to ensure the continuity of our great company, and its capability to attract the best people.

People management, global policies and strategy

Management of Talent

Development of career plans and training

Every person in the company is a member of our big family. That is why we are committed to ensuring that their daily work is as rewarding as possible, and that this sensation is then transmitted to our customers.

Responsible contracting

Pursuing our values at all times and under a system of family management, our socially responsible contracting translates positively into one of our most important assets: our employees. In Iberostar, we strive for job stability, social services and the conciliation of work and personal life.

Management of diversity

The Iberostar Group is present in different places of the world, we are aware of and form part of diversity. We therefore understand and respect the plurality of views, culture and sensitivities among our workforce. We are a great family that fosters equal opportunities and which is inclusive and integrating.

Professional development and management of talent

The principle that distinguishes Iberostar Group is based on the service its people offer. We therefore favour the personal and professional growth of our payroll, we invest in specific technical training in each area and constantly improve our Human Capital.

Health and safety in the workplace

We want to generate and maintain a healthy company in optimal surroundings for the people of the Iberostar Group, so we favour the development of safe and hygienic conditions in all places.